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Fleet Management

Fleet management system for bulk fleet tracking and management

fleet management

Fleet Management

UniGuard have always been one of the most reliable, trustable and professional GPS fleet tracking system that offers accurate, real time, and second-to-second location based GPS information. With help of UniGuard real time vehicle tracking system, it is time to say goodbye to waste of time, and money. No headaches. UniGuard fleet management system is mainly composed of 2 parts: GPS Vehicle Tracking Device and Web Based Tracking Software.

Highlight Features

Real-time tracking on Google Map
fleet management

With an internet-access computer, track all your fleets just by several clicks. With admin account, you can also create unique user accounts for your customers respectively. Everyone can login can track their own vehicles.

Detailed Trip Report
fleet management

To see your fleet activities at one page: Time, Location, Speed, Route, Fuel Amount, Engine On/OFF Time, Engine Idle Time, Parking Report, Driving Report, Working Hours Report, Temperature Report, Image Report, Movement Report, etc.

Real-Time Alerts and Email Notifications
fleet management

At web based tracking software, you can receive various alerts directly on the tracking computer screen or on your phone or in your email. You just need setup a SMS alert notification number and upto 3 mailboxes. Email alert can always save money and also email alert are always saved for future usage.

Geo-fencing Alarm (Round,Rectangle,Polygon,Route Area)
fleet management

Where have your vehicles gone and have your vehicles gone to forbidden areas? User your hand, draw an area on the map to define where the driver can go and where they can not. If they have go against the company policy, you will know at once either on computer or by Email alert. More than 20 areas is able to be drawn. Route optimization is also available too.

Vehicle Maintenance Reports
fleet management reports

Do you know when will your fleet maintenance date come? Do you have to check one by one? NO. NO. NO. With help of web based tracking software, setup the maintenance distance. When vehicle total mileage is near the maintenance distance, you will get email alert automatically. Save time and Have fun.  No need OBDII device, just any device!!!

2-Way Text/Call Communications
2 way text communications

Do you have to call your driver’s cellphone or text message to assign job? No need!  With help of GPS Tracking Software and GPS vehicle tracker, you can talk with your driver directly or hear your driver remotely before they know.

Please download fleet management details by click Fleet Management Solution