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RFID Driver Management

Driver and Fleet management via RIFD for security and efficency

rfid driver management

RFID Driver Management

Uniguard RFID driver management solutions allow any organization to monitor their drivers’ activities through data collection methods that don’t require human contact. This method reduces the unnecessary time and energy investment.


Real time tracking with RFID and GPS tracker

Each time driver starts to driver, they are required to use their card to touch RFID reader first. The data shall be sent to server via GPS tracker and stored. Management team can view a complete RFID report online and know exactly when driver starts to drive. In another word, we can know if drivers work on time.

How it works

GPS Tracker UT04 + RFID Reader+ Card/Tag + GPS tracking software

1. GPS tracker is installed on vehicle

2. RFID reader is connected to GPS tracker.

3. Card is hold by driver. One RFID reader can be matched several cards.

4. RFID Stat. Report
rfid drive management

5. RFID Historic Records
rfid drive management

6.RFID Last Record
rfid drive management

View here to check Authorized Drive: Only driver with correct RFID tag can driver the vehicle.

RFID Authorized drive