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Harsh braking and Acceleration Detection

Harsh braking and Acceleration Detection via GPS Tracker

Harsh Braking and Acceleration Detection

By In Blog On October 13, 2014

This month UniGuard has made one more step on the development of harsh braking and acceleration detection, as well as rollover and crash via GPS tracker. There axis accelerometer / three axis acceleration sensor is used.

There axis accelerometer is available to detect magnitude and direction of the proper acceleration (or g-force), as a vector quantity, and can be used to sense coordinate acceleration (so long as it produces g-force or a change in g-force), vibration, shock, and falling in a resistive medium (a case where the proper acceleration changes, since it starts at zero, then increases).

When GPS tracker detects harsh braking, acceleration, rollover or crash, it will send SMS text alarm to preset SOS notification number and GPRS alarm to web monitoring center. On web, users can know draw a report on when and where the alarm is triggered.

GPS Tracker UT01, UT02, UT04, UT05, and UT06 are capable of integrating the three axis accelerometer so as to detect harsh braking, acceleration and crash.

Harsh braking and crash detection

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