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Magnetic Car Tracker

Magnetic Tracker For Cars

Magnetic Car Tracker

By In Blog On April 14, 2017

The introduction of the magnetic car tracker has extended the way in which people can easily monitor as well as protect their vehicles, assets and family member. Magnetic GPS tracker is the best solution for the vehicle tracking needs, with no cables or wiring to deal with. Whereas you can simply remove the tracker and place it on other vehicles as per your requirement. Whether you need to track your car, vans or the farming machinery the tracker suits the best. Group of vehicles could be monitored and their location during the operating hours. Also, we can get to know about the distance travelled by each of the vehicles on road at each instance of time.

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Working of the Magnetic GPS Tracker for cars

The tracker is extremely easy to use. Each and every device that is sold out in the market is in ready mode, with sim card installed in it. The user of the magnetic tracker will have private login details, to their own personal mapping panel. All you need to do with the device after purchasing is to charge and use. As the magnetic tracker have much stronger magnetic pull, so you can easily place the device underneath any vehicle or any asset of yours that you will need to track. You will be able to access the mapping panel with your smartphone, computer or tablets with the login details that will be provided at the time of purchase. After login, you can exactly view where the current place or the history of the vehicle where it had been.

Benefits of the magnetic car GPS tracker

Mentioned below are the benefits of the magnetic tracker, compared to the other category of the tracker.

• No installation is required

• Can easily be removed and placed on another vehicle as per need

• Long Battery life

• Does not need any interior access to the vehicle in order to attach them

• No data storage in the device

The range of the magnetic GPS tracker comes in different shapes, size and battery life and thus ensuring that no matter that what is needed to track and for how long, there is a solution for all.

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