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By In Blog On May 12, 2014

According to the news, Apple has applied for a patent to protect Iphone and other Apple electronics while they fall down. As a helpful car electronic device, GPS tracker also needs to be correctly protected for longer usage and at same time keep vehicles secured. Protect GPS tracker in some way means portect your car. Here are several tips to protect your GPS tracker.

1 Vehicle voltage types

Mainly, vehicle has 2 voltage working types: 12V and 24V. Although in market GPS tracker claims to work from 9V to 36V it is always wise to choose the most suitable tracker for your vehicle. According to our experiences, we suggest mini GPS tracker for cars or motorbikes and other trackers for trucks.

2 Good installation places

Not all GPS trackers are water or dust proof, it is reasonable to keep your GPS tracker from water, which could lead to malfunction. Please refer here for the suggested installation places

3 Stable voltage supply

It is known to all that when vehicle engine starts to run there will be power surge, which is harmful to GPS tracker or any other car electronics. The power surge will not kill GPS tracker at one time, but it will kill utmost after many times. It is a fact that vehicle’s battery acts like a voltage stabilizer which decrease the power surge effect to electrical devices. This is why we always suggest connect GPS tracker power lines to car battery. However, if there is problem to connect to car battery directly, we suggest connect a car converter/ voltage or current stabilizer between GPS tracker and vehicle. Below is a picture of this kind of device.
power converter

4 Make correct wires connection

For UniGuard GPS tracker, do not connect PoFF wire to power supply positive, which will burn the GPS tracker.

Correct installation at suitable places will ensure your GPS tracker excellent performance and long time endurance. Protect GPS Tracker.

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