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Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Self powered gps tracker for pets,herds and containers

Micro Solar Powered GPS tracker keeps tags on anything

By In Blog On December 27, 2016

If you have following problems, you would wish you know there is a solar powered gps tracker long ago.

The biggest headache for herdsman or farmers is that they always must follow the livestock so as to know where they are and avoid losing them, getting stolen or getting lost. Cannot we use the time do something else, meaningful and useful?

How many times have you lost your pets, dogs and cats, that you wish you can locate them without going here and there? Cannot we have fun ourselves and give them some space?

How anxious you are when you cannot track the containers transported from port to your company? Cannot we master the container status and give our clients positive feedback?

YES! You can with the new solar powered gps chip. No need worry how far and where the cattle go or if the cat is playing at neighbor’s park, or if the truck is caught in traffic jam, with just a click on your phone you know exactly where they are and do not have to worry the power problems since it is self powered.

The world class self-charging gps tracker has a dimension of 65(length)x55(width) x17(height)mm and weight at 64g. it uses advanced magnetic charging port in case charge is required for first time usage or just leave it under sunshine and it will start to work in minutes.

It is simple to use as it is designed. With smart phone APP, user can easily set up a geo-fence and name it as no-go or no-leave area, once the alarm is triggered, you can have instant alert message on phone or by SMS. Also, when WIFI is available, you can setup WIFI-fence as well, if the tracked leaves current WIFI-Fence, there is alarm as well. You can learn battery status and also playback history routes. The best of all is that the APP is free to use!

Below is a list of the self-charging gps tracker features:

1.Solar powered GPS tracker without worrying about battery endurance problem.

2.Real time GPS/LBS tracking on Map to show the exact location

3.Historic traces replay to know where the animals have been.

4.SOS/I-button to give emergency alarm in case of need

5.Two way voice speaking to start communication directly

6.Geo-Fence to give out alarm when move in or out the Fence

7.WIFI fence to give alert when move out of the fence, 2 WIFI fences

8.Anti-Remove alarm

9.Low batter alarm

10.SIM card changing alarm

11.Support tracking by Web/IOS/Android APP/SMS Command

12.Water proof

How much is this self powered solar gps tracker? It is not so expensive as retriever at price of 179USD. It is sold only 65 USD per unit and cheaper for bulk order.

Check below UniGuard Solar Powered GPS tracker at cost effective price.

solar powered gps tracker
solar gps tracker

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