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Stream Video Monitoring Device

Real time location tracking and video monitoring

Stream Video Monitoring Device

By In Blog On December 18, 2014

Stream Video Monitoring Device is a combination of GPS tracking device and Real time video monitoring system. With Stream Video Monitoring Device, user can not only track the vehicle location but also monitor video inside and around the vehicle in real time. The device normally can connect 4 vehicle cameras and at most 8 cameras if needed.

The whole Stream Video Monitoring Device includes:

  1. 3G car mounted DVR (differentiated by Storage card type: HDD, SD, CF card)
  2. Car cameras (Any car cameras can connect with the DVR)
  3. 3G Card (Frequency: WCDMA or CDMA2000)
  4. PC based tracking platform


Below are screenshots from the PC based tracking platform of Stream Video Monitoring Device

Real time video monitoring by 1 window


Real time video monitoring by 4 windows


Real time location tracking on Google map


Real time video monitoring and location tracking

realtime-video monitoring-location-tracking

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