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Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Monitoring

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Monitoring is accurate and easy to install

Ultrasonic Fuel Monitoring Sensor

By In Blog On March 26, 2014

It is known to all that ultrasonic fuel monitoring sensorĀ  (accuracy 0.2mm) is the most accurate fuel monitoring sensor which has no depth/length limitations or drilling. However it costs higher than other kinds of fuel sensors, like reed switch sensor (accuracy 10-40mm) and capacitive fuel sensor (accuracy 1mm) which have both length limitations and drilling at tank. Ultrasonic fuel sensor work cost-effectively, accurately and perfectly on tanker truck, as you do not need drill and do not need find a long enough probe which cost higher than ultrasonic fuel sensor.

Successfully, the ultrasonic fuel sensor is integrated with our GPS tracker UT04 and Real time tracking software that users can remote view fuel state and fuel consumption graph. Please check below details.

Real time fuel amount monitoring

gps fuel monitoring

Fuel consumption graph

gps fuel monitoring

Does the ultrasonic fuel monitoring sensor work with Teltonika GPS Tracker?

We have tested our sensor with Teltonika FMB125 GPS Tracker and it works excellently. You can config the sensor on Teltonika computer firmware. Choose the Sensor Model Name UL212.

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