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Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor is used for extremely accurate fuel monitoring

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

By In Blog On March 26, 2014

For oil transporter tank or big tank fuel monitoring, ultrasonic liquid level sensor is needed. Compared to voltage or pressure level sensor, ultrasonic fuel sensor is more accurate and easy to install. Uniguard Technology Limited offers complete fuel monitoring and fuel tracking solutions with GPS Tracker Model UT04.
1. Introduction
The imported non-contact ultrasonic sensor technology is used. Ultrasonic sensor is widely used in measurement of distance, depth, displacement, liquid level, material level and transparent objects. By connecting with GPS tracking device, it can be used to monitor fuel consumption details.

2. Product details

2.1 Components

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor is composed of ultrasonic sensor and signal control box.

ultrasonic fuel sensor    
2.2 Specifications
Working Voltage: 8-36V 50mA
Working Temperature:-40℃-80℃
Measure Distance: 2cm to 2M(Customization needed for above 2M)
Pressure: -0.1MPa~32MPa
Oil Height Accuracy: 0.2mm
Working Environment (Sensor): moisture proof, acid proofing, antiriot, anti-flaming, quake-proof
Sensor IP Grade: IP66
Analog connection: Green (client device voltage collection line), Black(Client Device GND)
Port connection: Yellow (client device RS232 TX), Blue (client device RS232 RX), Black (client device GND)
Client Device here means GPS Tracker UT04
2.3 Features
1.High accuracy. The measurement resolution of oil level is 0.2mm, and it will automatically adjust temperature from -40℃ and 80℃ to ensure stable performance in both high and low temperature environment.
2.High stability. Ultrasonic non-contact measurement avoids sensor corrosion, which is a shortcoming for normal float, pressure type sensor.
3.Easy installation. Ultrasonic sensor is installed below tank, no need change original oil system or hole drill, or tank length measurement and avoid fuel leaking.
4.Strong reliability. moisture proof, acid proofing, antiriot, anti-flaming, quake-proof

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