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Wialon GPS Tracking Platform

UniGuard UT01 UM02 UT04 is integrated with Wialon GPS Tracking Platform

Wialon GPS Tracking Platform

By In Blog On March 26, 2014

Guartam is known as the world famous GPS tracking service supplier in 50 countries with 100,000 units running on their GPS Tracking Platform. (News at )

Under clients’ request, Guartam has added Uniguard GPS Tracker Protocol with help of our software engineers.

It is known that Guartam adopts strict and serious policy to add GPS Tracking Devices, as any of the unstable devices will affect the server running, then to affect all the clients’ usage. Uniguard GPS tracker has been tested for wholly 1 year to prove stability before adding the protocol.

The following link shows the IP and Port setting of Uniguard GPS Tracker UT01, Mini GPS Tracker UM02 and GPS Camera/Fuel Tracker UT04

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