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GPS Integrated Speed Limiter

Speed Limiter for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria

GPS Integrated Speed Limiter

By In Blog On November 5, 2021

Uniguard has been in the GPS tracking device and software business since 2009 and UniGuard Technology Limited is established in 2011 to start a formal and legal GPS tracker business. 10 years have passed and UniGuard has been working continuously and supportively with worldwide clients, we move and upgrade from one device to another device by keeping our clients and their markets always satisfied with our service and supply. It is a vow and an honor to keep good quality and service as UniGuard. Those countries have implemented or planned to install GPS speed limiters on all or commercial vehicles, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe etc.

Ethiopia GPS speed limiter

Kenya GPS speed limiter

Tanzania GPS Speed Governor

Uganda Vehicle Speed Governor

Rwanda Speed Governor

Ghana Speed Limiters

Zimbabwe Speed Limiting and Monitoring Device

Questions answered in this article:

1 When do we start officially GPS integrated speed limiter business?

2 What is a GPS tracking speed limiter?

3 What is the difference in speed limiter per country?

4 How does a speed limiter work?

5 How does a speed limiter get speed?

6 Can speed limit device damage vehicle?

7 Can drivers tamper with the speed limiting system?

8 What about UniGuard GPS speed limiting device features?

When do we start officially GPS integrated speed limiter business?

We were approached by clients firstly from Nigeria around 2011, where the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) as the Lead Government Agency saddled with the responsibility of Road Traffic Management aims to create a safer monitoring environment in Nigeria nationwide by implementing speed limiter devices. However at that time, what Nigeria needs is a pure speed limiting device which does not need a GSM module to do real-time monitoring. So we missed it.

Later around 2015, we were approached by clients from Kenya, since the National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA) and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) advised to implement speed limiting devices standard on 1st April 2014. The Implementation of guidelines for licensing speed limiter suppliers is released on 21st November 2018 with revised Standard, KS2295:2018. To get the license, the products need to pass NTSA, CMTE, and KEBS. Per the standard, a GPS integrated speed limiting device is required. However, due to the uncertainty of clients’ investment in it, we did not start until 2021, and we started it because of the Ethiopia GPS integrated speed limiter standard.

Around 2019, Ethiopia’s  Speed limiter with GPS integrated ES6413:2019 was released to install GPS integrated speed limiter devices on motor vehicles. It is not easy to start a new project. After a detailed discussion with potential clients, we started the formal design and manufacturing of the GPS speed governor in the middle of 2020. After 2 months of continuous hard work, the first version per Ethiopia standard was proposed in September 2020. With the client’s update, we keep improving the firmware and also software to make it meet the Federal Transport Authority (FTA), and our device helps the client pass test and receive a license.

What is a GPS tracking speed limiter ?
gps integrated speed limiter

A speed limiting device is an electronic device fitted in a vehicle to ensure the vehicle maintains a safe speed per road environment. A GPS speed limiting device is a speed limiter integrated with GPS to do vehicle speed limit and real-time location monitoring for fleet management.

What is the difference between speed limiting devices per country?

Nigeria: Nigeria needs a pure speed limiting device installed by accredited vendors. Since the device does not need a GSM communication module to do real-time fleet management, its cost of it is pretty lower. However, the side effect is the government can not have a full view of installed vehicle performance and it cost extra-human power to verify if a vehicle is installed speed governing device or not.

Kenya: Kenya needs a GPS integrated speed limiter. The KS2295:2018 standard is strict and a device has to pass at least 3 different organizations with dozens of tests. Any failed or substandard function results in a new test. Detailed test reports shall be offered to help the applicant to identify problems and correct them. It takes 2 to 3 months to get a license if all tests are passed. All device GPRS parts should exactly meet the standard and all data should be sent to the government server in the same format. All data of the device should be printable with a wired USB printer and can be retrieved on computer by certain commands. (Commands format is fixed, so is the reply to commands.)

Ethiopia: Ethiopia also requires a Speed limiter with GPS integrated. A sample and Ethiopia Embassy Stamped Manufacture Authorization Letter are needed to go for licensing. As well, the data should be downloaded via USB stick and printable by a wireless Bluetooth printer. The printing format is also fixed. It takes 1 to 2 months to clear the sample unit from customs, and another 2 to 3 months to get a license.


How does a speed limiter work?

Simply speaking, once the GPS speed limiting system is installed, it will detect the vehicle speed lively, and display vehicle current information, including speed, status, and address to real-time monitoring web software. Once the vehicle tends to exceed the pre-determined speed, the speed limiting device shall warn with a bi-bi sound, the moment vehicle speed exceeds the speed limit, it shall immediately limit the speed.

1.  Fuel supply control. By controlling the power supply of the fuel pump, reduce the fuel supply to the engine when the vehicle speed exceeds.

fuel pump

2. Pedal ECU control. The vehicle pedal ECU control unit has 2 signal wires which control the fuel supply to the vehicle when the pedal is pressed. With certain technology, when vehicle speed reaches the speed limit, the speed limiter device shall make ECU control goes to speed-idle mode, to slow down the vehicle.

electronic pedal

3. Fuel flow control. For certain vehicles, a solenoid valve shall be applied to control fuel flow to the engine, to limit vehicle speed.

solenoid valve

4. Mechanical actuator. For vehicles that cannot limit speed either by fuel control or ECU control, installed the mechanical actuator to give opposite force to the pedal, to disable fuel adding and slow down the vehicle. However, if the driver fiercely steps on the pedal, it shall damage the actuator.


How does the speed limit device get speed?

There are 2 ways to read speed values.

  1. GPS speed. Since the limiter device is a GPS integrated system, it can get speed from GPS satellites.
  2. Vehicle signal. Almost all vehicles have a speed pulse wire, by connecting the speed limiter pulse wire to the vehicle speed wire, and with proper calibration, the speed limiter can get accurate speed from the vehicle.

In this case, there are two versions of speed limiting devices from a speed perspective.

Can the GPS speed limit device damage the vehicle?

Per the sales and installation of clients’ updates, there is no such damage or worry at all. If there is damage, it could be improper installation. We strongly advise clients to read the manual carefully before doing the installation.

Can drivers or other unauthorized people tamper with the speed limiting system?

The system is normally installed hidden making it hard to tamper with. But if the system is tampered with, there is an instant alarm at real time monitoring center telling alarm type and location, and the speed limiter shall go to limp mode and limit the speed to 40KM/H.

What about UniGuard GPS Speed Limiter Features:

1 Speed Limiter

Enforce to limit the speed of your vehicle if preset maximum speed

2 Tamperproof

The maximum speed is 40km/h if the maximum speed is tampered or the sensor is cut.

3 Download data

Data can be stored for 72 hours at an interval of 5 seconds.

Data can be retrieved by connecting the device to a computer via a USB data port

4 Bluetooth Printer or wired printer

Violations can be printed out for the last one hour of driving. A portable printer prevents drivers from printing

Speed violations, speed wire tamper, power tamper ad antenna tamper can be printed.

5 Violations alarm

All violations will be transmitted to the platform.

6 Over speed alarm

When the vehicle reaches 95% of the preset speed limit, the built-in buzzer shall make a sound alarm to warn the driver.

7 Fuel monitoring 

Monitor vehicle fuel consumption. Need to connect with a fuel sensor that gives out analog voltage.

Real-time fleet tracking Working power: 2W

8 Smart speed limit per area

Users can draw speed fences on the web and determine different speed limits for each fence, once a vehicle enters a certain fence, the speed limiter will automatically adjust its speed limit per fence speed limit.

UniGuard can give fast solutions to clients per their requirements. We work together to make the whole speed-limiting system stable and long-lasting.

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