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GPS Tracker TK103


GPS Tracker TK103 Price @ 16.5USD-TK103 GPS Tracker & Software

By In Blog On December 15, 2017

GPS Tracker TK103 is widely sold vehicle tracking device around the world specially in Africa (like Egypt and Nigeria), Latin America (like Argentina and Peru), and Asia (like India and Thailand).
gps tracker tk103b

Why GPS tracker TK103 is so hot in market?

1 Low price GPS Tracker

TK103 GPS vehicle tracking device is mainly sold around 50 USD in year 2015 around, and 40 USD in year 2016 around, and 30 USD in year 2017 around. TK103 price is always lower in market compared to other types of GPS trackers.

2 User friendly GPS Tracker Software

TK103 GPS tracker works with GPSTRACKERXY which now has 4 servers running same software. The web interface has not changed much since it was developed. From TK103 GPS tracker software, users can do real time tracking, remote control, history traces and reports. However, the software is too simple for bulk fleet management, and the history traces does not store more than 6 months, as well user can only retrieve several day’s data which is far more than enough for fleet management. Most important thing is that the report shows coordinates other than readable address names.

3 Popularity

GPS Tracker TK103 becomes hot since 2010 and it is still getting hotter due to wide spreading and low cost. Its picture is all on the web and user manual is easily found.

4 Various models

TK103 GPS tracker has 4 types that are TK103A, TK103B, TK103A+, TK103B+ . TK103B models include remote, which is the single difference. + models have more features compared to basic models. A remote is sold 1 USD per unit normally.

Here we offer TK103B GPS tracker @ price of 18 USD for quantity above 500 pcs.

16.5 USD for quantity above 5000 pcs.

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