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GPS Tracker TK116

TK116 and TK115 GPS Tracker Setup

How to Setup GPS Tracker TK116

By In Blog On August 6, 2016

GPS Tracker TK116 and TK115 are supplied by a company located in Shenzhen, China, offering GPS tracker service worldwide. They also have their own web tracking software. However, their platform is not helpful in some features, leading to a fact that clients buy devices only and change to other companies for web tracking service.

GPS Tracker TK116 and TK115 pictures are as below
tk115 gps trackertk116 gps tracker

Have a look at their platform with very limited features. No geo-fence, No history report with address name, No Email alert, No vehicle expiration management, No user expiration management

realtime vehicle tracking

vehicle tracking system

If you have same devices and want to use them at our web tracking platform, please configure device to report at below IP and Port


Port 5300

ID is the last 11 digits of the IMEI

TK116 GPS tracker at UniGuard web tracking system.

tk16 gps tracker

If you have any more questions about the GPS Tracker setup, please send email to [email protected]

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