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OBDII Diagnosis GPS Tracker

obdii gps tracker


OBDII GPS Tracker UT06a is an elaborately created vehicle mounted smart information collection terminal, and it is an advanced version of Plug and Play GPS tracker UT06 with added diagnosis features. Combined of OBD, GPRS and GPS technology, OBD2 gps tracker is helpful to real time implement vehicle location tracking and current vehicle status monitoring.

OBDII GPS tracker UT06a Features:

1 Utilize advanced ST 32 bits MCU, fast and stable vehicle data collection and uploading
2 Industry level GPRS module, built-in high sensitivity GSM antenna, TCP/IP data transfer
3 Industry level GPS chip, anti-interruption active GPS ceramic antenna, Fast GPS satellite searching, Support AGPS
4 Built-in flash memory to store GSM blind area GPS location data and auto report GPS tracking software when GSM signal recovers
5 Real-time tracking when vehicle engine is ON, otherwise at sleep mode.
6 Built-in 3-axises acceleration sensor with precise formula, Support detection and report of harsh acceleration, deceleration, turn and collision.
7 Low power consumption, smart sleep and wake mechanism
8 Under sleep mode, support car battery low voltage alarm, abnormal shock alarm
9 Rational can-bus data collection frequency to avoid interference with other on-vehicle electronic equipment
10 Accurate fuel consumption monitoring, mileage and speed recording per can-bus. Fuel consumption accuracy 95%, Mileage accuracy 99%, Speed accuracy 100%
11 Remote vehicle fault diagnosis and warn through real time web tracking software
12 200mAh backup battery.

Online Fleet Management

  1. Admin account login, able to create user account
  2. Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)
  3. Location History Playback and Report
  4. Send command online to set GPRS Interval
  5. Movement Reports: Vehicle Stop/Start Report, Engine Idle Report
  6. Mileage report
  7. Fuel consumption monitoring report
  8. Detailed OBDII diagnosis data report
  9. Geo-fence alarm: unlimited moving-in and out areas

OBDII GPS Tracker Specifications:

Items Remarks
Name UT06a GPS Tracker
Dimensions 28*48*26 mm
Indicator Blue
Frequency Quadband 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GSM antenna PIFA
GPS antenna 4*4*2 built-in ceramic antenna
GPS location accuracy 5-30M
GPS location speed Less than 60 secs at hemi-sky
G-sensor 3-axises G-force acceleration
Working voltage 9V-30V
Working current [email protected]
Standby current [email protected]
Working temperature -20℃–+70℃
Storage temperature -40℃–+85℃
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Air discharge ±8KV
Contact discharge ±6KV

OBD2 GPS Tracker Packing

1 OBDII GPS Tracker 

OBDII GPS Tracker Supported Protocol

1 Standard OBDII protocol, suitable for 90% cars manufactured after 2008

2 ISO5765-4 (CANBUS)

3 ISO14230 (KWP)

4 ISO9141-2

5 Support OEM/ODM according to different protocols (Have MOQ requirements)

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