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Kenya GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker in Kenya

Kenya GPS Tracker

By In Blog On November 29, 2021

GPS Tracker Kenya tells companies in Kenya that offers gps tracking device and gps speed limiter as well.

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1 Solutions Unlimited

Solutions Unlimited is on of the leading security systems companies in Kenya for Home and Commercial security systems. They offer security systems for home and offices, as well as gps tracking devices. Per their website they are using GPS tracker from China-Coban brand.

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2 Carro Tracking Solutions Kenya Ltd

Carro Tracking Solutions Kenya Ltd was founded in 2011 and aim at offering gps tracking system for cars and vehicles. Their products include various gps tracker for trucks, cars, motorbikes, boats, people and animals. Carro is a professional and experienced gps tracking solution supplier.

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3 KeenTrack

KeenTrack offers not only gps tracking devices but also car alarm system. Their service includes advanced and pro types. All products sold by KeenTrack have 1 year warranty.

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4 Power Governors LTD

Power Governors Ltd is a Kenya based Award wining medium-seized enterprise, focusing on development and fitting of the next generation motor vehicle safety solutions for Kenya and Africa as well. Their products include resell and installation of digital speed limiter, vehicle and motorcycle tracking devices, local and imported car battery brands, fuel protect solutions, etc.

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5 SPS Company Limited

SPS is a Kenya based gps tracking company with over 14 years experience in wireless industry, taking their great pride in offering strategic gps/gsm products. As well, they offer GPS speed limiter.

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6 Unique Tracking ltd

Unique Tracking ltd provides the best, most cost-effective, and efficient vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions in Kenya via the use and implementation of the latest technology in the vehicle tracking industry today. Unique Tracking LTD offer services including vehicle tracking, fleet management, alarm and anti-theft systems, and fuel monitoring system.

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CONTROLTECH LIMITED provide speed governing/limiting, tracking and fleet management support to clients from different industries which mainly include the Public Service Vehicles, Oil industry, Manufacturing, Transport, Supply & Logistics, Education, as well as Construction & Excavation among others.

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Trailmycar advanced telematics (GPS tracking combined with wireless communication) products to the consumer market. Our product allows consumers to track the location of their vehicles and manage their vehicle with their mobile phone and be notified when unexpected events such as a hijacking, accident or break-in occur.

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9 Africa Fleet Management Solutions Ltd

The core business of Africa Fleet Management Solutions Ltd (AFMS) is to provide Fleet Management solutions which are client oriented and that result in cost savings and increase in operational efficiencies.

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10 Track N Trace

Track and Trace Limited was incorporated in the Republic of Kenya in 2003 against a background of a shortage of modern, dynamic and credible fleet and fuel management systems. At this time none of the market players offered real-time tracking solutions and mapping systems that lived up to the expectations and demand s of the marketplace.

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11 NAJ Tracking Ltd

NAJ Tracking Ltd is an Award winning Digital Car Tracking,Fleet & Fuel monitoring,car Alarms ,LLUMAR Car Tinting, Car branding and car accessories company in Kenya and they have 10 years expertise in offering car security solutions has revolved the Kenyan vehicle security industry.

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GEO-SAT is a leading provider of easy to use, cost effective fleet management and vehicle tracking system in Kenya. The product and service ranges from fleet management system, asset tracking and vehicle tracking and recovery. Built on many years of experience, the company has developed a unique user friendly tracking solution.

Official web:


13 Rivercross

RiverCross is a vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provider. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled software engineers, combining over 20 years of international software engineering experience in the field of remote asset management and monitoring.

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14 Regent Tracking Services Limited

Regent Tracking Services Limited is a security solutions provider and a member of Regent Automobile Group. Regent have partnered with globally renowned providers of security and tracking solutions to employ the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers superior service and practical solutions. We provide fleet management solutions using advanced GPS tracking and real-time vehicle monitoring and control.

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POLLYS TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES LTD is incorporated as Private Limited liability company in Kenya under the Company’s Registration Act (Cap 486). POLLYS offers service and product about fuel monitoring, vehicle tracking, asset tracking and fleet management.

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16 GAPTECH Solutions Ltd

GAPTECH Solutions Ltd is a locally registered company which works hand in hand with respective institute managements to add value in daily operations through effective use of the IT technology. We provide reliable computerized fleet management control systems designed to provide the fleet owners with peace of mind knowing that stolen vehicles can easily be tracked, immobilized and recovered with ease! GAPTECH offers product and service of fleet management, vehicle tracking and recovery, speed limiter/governor, remote fuel monitoring system, vehicle and asset costing system, and cctv systems.

Official web:



Kennet Tracking provides high quality and secure GPRS, GPS, GSM Vehicle Tracking and security systems. We install and maintain systems for Online vehicle tracking, Fuel & Mileage Tracking ,SMS tracking as well as GPS & GSM Car Alarm systems. We provide solutions for all your tracking needs be they for vehicles or assets.

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Safetrac Limited is a technology company specializing in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Container and Asset Tracking. We are affiliated to Borderless Tracking Limited, one of the licensed providers of the Electronic Cargo Tracking Systems (ECTS) by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Official web:



Secutec ltd is one of the leading asset security company in East and Central Africa widely versed with experience for over a decade on automobiles.  Incorporated in 2007, we started as a vehicle tracking company and the market for vehicle tracking services  rapidly increased over the years as specialized vehicle tracking services can be offered to aid theft, stolen vehicle recovery, improve efficiency in businesses, cut costs and help you to track your asset within individual and business organization.

Official web:



PIVOTCOM is a fleet management and vehicle tracking company formed in 2012 and later registered in 2015, which focuses on offering vehicle tracking systems, fleet management solutions, and fuel solutions that are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of customers. PIVOTCOM Tracking thus was formed to jump-start a process of a total overhaul of the current norm and came up with an innovative parallel GPRS/GPS/GSM solution, complete with a 24/7 dedicated customer support system for all the after-sales support they would require

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21 Retriever

Retriever was founded in Kenya and commenced operations in 2010, as a subsidiary of the Cartrack Holdings Limited group which listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2014 (Bloomberg CTK:SJ). Since its founding, the Cartrack Group of companies, has swiftly developed into a leading provider of fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and insurance telematics, with over 1 300 000 clients across 23 countries worldwide. This growth can be attributed to Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) being an emerging market that is rapidly gaining momentum in both the taxi and the logistics industries

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Pinnacle Systems specializes in the Sales and Service of Control Equipment and has been among the industry leaders in all types of Control Equipment. Their products and services include: digital speed limiter, GPS/GSM tracking system, CCTV system, access control system and alarm systems, etc.

Official web:



CYBER was opened in 2007 to offer gps tracking device and service. The service and product includes: vehicle tracking, insurance telematics, liquid bulk monitoring, fleet management and V-care program, etc.

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24 Flex Communications LTD

Flex Communications LTD is fully registered and has operating office based in Nairobi Kenya , with branches in Mombasa , Nakuru , Eldoret and Kisumu. The company concentrates in offering custom ICT solutions to corporate companies in all sectors (service sector, Industrial sector & Finance sector), Home Office and Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s)

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25 Kingsway Autowatch Ltd

Kingsway Autowatch Ltd provides a unique and more comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions to the already existing and ever growing portfolio comprising Corporate companies, SME’s and Individuals, making Fleet and Fuel Management its core business.

Official web:


26 Itrack

Itrack specialize in advanced car tracking in Kenya and car anti-theft solutions in Kenya. Itrack offer services and products of car tracking in Kenya, fleet tracking, motorbike tracking, and Tuktuk tracking.

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27 Nairobi Car Trackers

Nairobi Car Trackers are a company providing tailor made automobile tracking and fleet management solutions to various companies in Kenya, offering car tracing, fleet management, motorbike tracking, and car alarm systems.

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28 Alltech Security Ltd

Alltech offer CCTV Cameras installers, Electric Fences installers, Biometric Access Control Systems installers, Access Control Systems, Alarms, Fire Doors, Car Track, Burglar Intruder House Alarms installers, Fire-rated Doors installers, Fire alarms. X-Ray baggage Scanners installers, Metal Detectors, Perimeter Security lights installers, spy cameras installers, Anti-Theft systems, Car Track installers, automated gates installers, electric gates installers, remote gates installers, Time Attendance and finger print installers, fire extinguishers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Somalia.

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29 Intelvision

Intelvision is a premier supplier of security gadgets and surveillance solutions to consumers and businesses of all sizes in Kenya. We provide solutions like access control systems in kenya, CCTV cameras, x-ray baggage scanners in Kenya, walk through scanners, hidden cameras in Kenya.

Official web:


30 Lions Auto E.A. Ltd

Lions Auto E.A. Ltd provides a vehicle or bodaboda tracking unit to protect your car against thieves. The company has internal GPS & GSM antennas for monitoring your car. Besides, you can get a microprocessor chip to provide faster tracker performance.

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