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All kinds of 4G GPS Tracker

4G LTE GPS Tracker

By In Blog On June 10, 2022

4g gps tracker

With the help of a 4G LTE GPS Tracker, you can track the location of your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, bike, or other vehicles. This device allows you to monitor the movements of your children, pets, employees, and friends.

What Is A 4G LTE GPS Tracker?

A 4G LTE GPS Tracker is a small electronic device that attaches to your vehicle, boat, or other vehicles. It has a display screen that shows the current location of your vehicle, as well as its speed and direction. It also has an alarm feature so that you will receive alerts when your vehicle leaves a certain area.

Why Should I Buy One?

If you own a vehicle, boat, or any other type of vehicle, then you should consider buying a 4G GPS Tracker. These devices are very easy to use and install. They are inexpensive and come with a one-year warranty.

How Do I Choose The Right One For Me?

There are several different models available in the market today. Each model has its own unique features. It is important to choose the right device for your needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing a 4G GPS Tracker:

  • What kind of tracking do you need?

Like 2G GPS tracking devices, 4G LTE GPS Trackers as well have the following types

1. 4G Vehicle Tracker

4G vehicle tracker is mainly designed for car, truck, motorbike, and trailer tracking purposes. There are 4 types 4G LTE vehicle tracking devices:

  • 4G wired GPS Tracker,

Wired GPS tracker is one of the most sold and installed GPS tracking devices in the market. They are always connected directly to the car battery or a stable power source for continuous working purposes. A professional installation engineer will be needed for wired GPS tracker installation. There are 2 models we offer multifunction 4G Vehicle Tracker GT06L and waterproof 4G GPS Tracker GT07L

  • 4G wireless magnetic GPS tracker

Wireless magnetic GPS tracker is mainly referred as a battery-powered GPS tracker with magnets and designed for hidden tracking. Compared to wired GPS locator, whose battery is 50 to 200mAh, The wireless 4G GPS Tracker battery is from 1500mAh to 10,000mAh. Per different working modes, the battery can last many days without charging. There are mainly 2 models we offer 10000mah 4G magnet GPS Tracker GL700 and robust 5000mAh LTE GPS Magnet Tracker TK01.

  • 4G wireless OBD GPS Tracker.

4G OBD GPS tracker is an upgraded version of 2G OBD GPS Tracker. It is widely sold in Europe and American countries in B2C or C2C markets. OBD tracking device is connected with the OBD port under the wheel. Compared to wired tracking device, it is easy to install. Compared to a magnetic GPS tracker, it does not need charge since they have a direct power supply.

  • 4G car charger GPS Tracker

Car charger GPS tracker is mainly designed for hidden tracking. Unlike magnetic GPS tracer which either goes under the chassis or hides inside the car body, car charger GPS locator is installed directly at the car cigarette lighter. It serves as a location tracking device and phone charger. It normally comes with a voice monitoring function so as to enable remote voice listen-in.

2. 4G Personal Tracker

4G personal tracker is an upgraded version of 2G GPS tracking devices, they are also referred as 4G mini gps tracker. Since 4G network speed is higher than 2G, image monitoring and video talking have become true. We now offers 3 model of 4G Personal tracker: GPS tracking Pendant, GPS bracket, and GPS helmet.

3. 4G Pet Tracker

4G pet tracker is for dogs and cat live tracking. It is small in size and comes with 400mAh backup battery. With rolling light, it helps to locate pets at night and find them out easily.

4. 4G Bike Tracker

4G bike tracker is specially designed for cyclists. It does not offer a track for the bike but also for the one who rides it. More importantly, it comes with the light. With the remote buckled on the bicycle handle, the rider can easily control the left turn, right turn, and brake lights, which makes dark night cycling safe.

5. 4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Solar-powered GPS tracker is a combination of a tracking device and a solar panel. With collar, it can be used for cattle, horse and camel big animal real time tracking. With magnet base, it can be used as vehicle and container tracker. With screw base, it can be used for wooden asset tracking as well.

  • Is there an app for your phone?

YES. User can download GPSPOS at Appstore and POSGPS at Google Play to track their GPS tracking devices.

  • Does it work indoors?

GPS tracker must work in an open place since there is no GPS signal inside the house or under metal article.

How Much Does A LTE GPS 4G Tracker Cost?

If you are looking for a 4G GPS Tracker with a price tag around 30 to 50 USD, then you should check out the wired and magnetic GPS vehicle tracker. All the units come with a lifetime warranty and offers a variety of features such as speed alerts, automatic rerouting, and voice commands.

Where Can I Buy One?

There are several places where you can buy a 4G GPS Tracker. For end users, you can find them online at Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, and more. For business resellers, please contact us either by email [email protected] or whatsapp +8615012404563 .

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