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GPS Tracker Sleep Mode

GPS Tracker Sleep Mode is used to save GPRS packet and Device Power

GPS Tracker Sleep Mode

By In Blog On March 25, 2014

GPS tracker sleep mode is a key factor to improve tracking device sleep mode. As a major GPS Tracker manufacturer in China, Uniguard is always developing the most advanced technology and seeking the largest win-win business with clients.

It is known to all that GPS tracker will require GSM net to send out GPS data via GPRS packet, so as to track remotely all the vehicles online. GPS data is sent to the server at preset intervals. Our default setting is 30 secs. It can be adjusted between 15 to 68000 secs. Clients can set the proper interval for tracking so as to minimize GPRS costs.

Now in order to save more, we have programmed our GPS Tracking device to enter sleep mode for both wired and wireless tracking devices.

1 Wired GPS Tracker

When there is no movement or ACC is off, GPS tracker shall go to sleep mode and send only heart-beat signal to the server so as to keep connection with the server.

2 Wireless GPS Tracker

The wireless GPS tracker has no continuous power supply, which means saving power becomes more important and useful. When there is no vibration or movement, wireless GPS tracking devices, mostly magnet, pet, and portable trackers, shall go to sleep mode.

What wired tracker do you offer?

Below are some models of our wired tracker:

1 UM555. It is a small size GPS tracking device with ACC status detection and remote engine cut-off function. Its price is very competitive in the market.

2 UM777. It is a multi-functional GPS tracker with advanced features: GPS fuel monitoring, GPS temperature monitoring, and RFID driver identification.

3 LK720. It is a hidden design tracker with the appearance of a normal relay, which makes it difficult to notice after installation.

4 GT06L. It is a 4G version tracking device suitable for gobal usage, specially for countries where 2G has shut off.

What wireless tracker do you offer?

Below are some models of our wireless tracker:

1 UT06. It is a GPS locator with OBD port, which makes it super easy to install. Plug n Play.

2 UM666. It is a tracking device with magnet and dry battery included. Magnet makes is easy to install. Dry battery with one tracking point one day makes its battery last 3 years. It is a perfect device for insurance and bank companies to always have cars bought by loan under monitoring.

3 UM660. It is a 10,000 mAh battery device with strong magnet. At  fixed 5 mins intervals, it can last over 2 months.

4 V34. It is an advanced tracking device with solar power panel, so as to get charge under sun shine though the solar charging efficiency is around 15%.

5 PG10. It is a super pouplar spy tracking device with voice recording function. All the recorded voice shall be sent to server and user can hear from APP.

If there is any more info needed, please feel free to contact us.

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