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GPS Tracker Sleep Mode

GPS Tracker Sleep Mode is used to save GPRS packet and Device Power

GPS Tracker Sleep Mode

By In Blog On March 25, 2014

As a major GPS Tracker manufacturer in China, Uniguard is always developing the most advanced technology and seeking the largest win-win business with clients.

It is known to all that GPS tracker will require GSM net to send out GPS data via GPRS packet, so as to track remotely all the vehicles online. GPS data is sent to server at preset interval. Our default setting is 30 secs. It can be adjusted between 15 to 68000 secs. Clients can set the proper interval for tracking so as to minimize GPRS costs.

Now in order to save more, we have programmed our GPS Tracking device UM02 to enter Sleep mode when ACC is OFF (close GPS module) and come back to work when vehicle ACC is ON.

Actually, our entire device have GPRS cost save mode. It works as, when vehicle does not move for 5 mins, tracker GPRS interval will multiply by 10. E.g. If vehicle tracker present GPRS interval is 10 mins now, when vehicle engine is off, tracker will send GPS data at interval of 100 mins.

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