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Speed Limiter, GPS or Not?

GPS speed limiter, normal speed governor

Speed limiter, GPS or Not?

By In Blog On July 4, 2016

Can GPS Tracker work as Speed limiter or Speed Governor to control vehicle speed? The answer is YES. Theory: With help of Relay, GPS Tracker can cut fuel supply or pedal power supply when vehicle speed exceeds preset max speed limit. With customized program, user can send SMS command to set a required speed (E.g. 80 KM/H), when vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, here is 80KM/H, tracker will command relay to cut fuel supply till vehicle speed comes down. You can setup any speed limit by SMS command referring to the actual circumstances.

Speed Governor

1.Activate Speed Governor mode

Send command “governor+password” to tracker, it will reply “governor ok” and switch to governor mode.

2.Set Max Speed

Set governor: send command “max+password 080”. E.g max123456 080, 123456 is the password, 080 is the speed.

When speed approach max speed, siren beeps 5 times to warn the driver; when speed reaches or exceed the max speed, relay will be activated to limit the speed.

Notes: Cut off the Oil and Power System function deactivated in governor mode.

3.Cancel Speed Governor mode

Cancel: send command “nogovernor+password” to tracker, it will reply “nogovernor ok”.


Speed Recording

1.Speed calibration

Due to the different signal of speed sensor and size of tire, so calibration is needed before activating speed recording.

Send command “setspeed+password xxx”, GPS tracker will record the speed and always calculate speed accordingly. Driver must keep vehicle at a steady driving speed, and then send the speed calibration command.

2.Speed recording

GPS Tracker will record speed every 5 seconds;

GPS Tracker will always record the latest 48 hours data in memory (memory card) including the speed of speed sensor and GPS data. Stored data can be exported by USB cable or SD card directly.

3.Traces recording

GPS tracker will record all travelling points of vehicle and store it in SD card. User can download the data by USB cable or get history data from SD card directly.

Send command “save030s***n+password”,GPS tracker will replay “Save ok”. It will store GPS data including coordinates and speed every 30 seconds.

4.Recorded traces replay

After getting the recorded data, user can upload to PC software and see history traces.

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