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Magnetic GPS tracker for cars-Waterproof-Wireless-Spy GPS Locator

Magnetic GPS tracker for cars is composed of GPS tracker, big battery (Dry 18650 types or Rechargeable Li-ion battery)and strong magnet. We can assure magnetic GPS tracker is the best one for car, since it does not tamper with car[...]

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Vehicle Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Anti-theft

Fuel consumption monitoring device is a real time fuel monitoring system to help monitor fuel consumption, manage fuel efficiency, and prevent fuel siphoning and theft of vehicles, trucks, tanks and generators. The ultimate fuel management purpose is to save company[...]

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Key Considerations For GPS Bike Trackers

Photo by Asya Vee on Unsplash Bike theft is a pretty big problem across the USA. In 2014, the last time statistics were published, the FBI reported that over 210,000 bike thefts – and this figure is probably underreported. With many city governments[...]

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SSL Secured GPS Web Tracking Software

Is the GPS web tracking software you are using right now secure? Clients like banks should have already paid much attention to the security of web tracking software since large quantity of cars are bought with installment and tracked by[...]

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GPS Tracker TK103 Price @ 16.5USD-TK103 GPS Tracker & Software

GPS Tracker TK103 is widely sold vehicle tracking device around the world specially in Africa (like Egypt and Nigeria), Latin America (like Argentina and Peru), and Asia (like India and Thailand). Why GPS tracker TK103 is so hot in market?[...]

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IOT: GPS Tracker with UHF Reader

Internet of things is the trend and future of all things. GPS GPRS SMS tracker which connects fleets of vehicles to web tracking system, so we can track, monitor and manage the fleets, receive real time alerts, and remote immobilize[...]

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Web Tracking Software Email Alert

On October 28th 2017, UniGuard upgrades the web tracking software with activation of Email Alerts, which means user can not only view and hear real time alerts on web tracking system, but also now receive instant alarms by email. How[...]

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Handheld GPS Devices

Photo by Lionello DelPiccolo on Unsplash Handheld GPS units are more high-tech than ever. They have to be to stay ahead of the trends. Yet, you can easily spend a thousand dollars getting all of the coolest features. But, do you[...]

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20170720 GPS Tracking Software Updates

UniGuard, as a professional GPS tracking solutions supplier, including GPS tracker and GPS Web Tracking software, strive to keep our technology advanced, ahead of time and client’s request. With time flies by, the GPS web tracking software comes to the[...]

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