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How to setup GPS Tracker TK06a, TK100 and G05?

TK series GPS tracker has a wide variety of TK100, TK06a, and TK06b, as for GT series, there are GT06, GT06N and GT02. They are supplied by a company located in Shenzhen, China, offering GPS tracker service worldwide at very[...]

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Best GPS Tracker in Kenya

New Year hast started. Per the company total sales volume Big Data, the best GPS tracker sold to Kenya is Mini hidden GPS tracker UM555 with 2K sold every month. Why Mini GPS tracker UM555 is popular in Kenya market[...]

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How to be our GPS Tracker Reseller?

GPS Tracker Reseller Wanted! UniGuard as an experienced and qualified GPS tracker and GPS tracking solution supplier in China is willing and welcome to work with all the global GPS tracker reseller, professional or fresh companies, in developing GPS tracker[...]

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TKstar GPS Tracker

TKstar GPS tracker is hot in the gps tracking devices market and seems to be a brand because of its hot sales. Let’s do some tkstar gps tracker review and know it better. Why TKstar GPS tracker is hot in[...]

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GPS Tracker Cost and Tracking Car at No Monthly Fee

What is the price of GPS tracker? Is there GPS tracker for car no monthly fee? What cost should be invested on your fleets for real time fleet tracking and management? It is a big problem to all companies with[...]

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Micro Solar Powered GPS tracker keeps tags on anything

If you have following problems, you would wish you know there is a solar powered gps tracker long ago. The biggest headache for herdsman or farmers is that they always must follow the livestock so as to know where they[...]

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AT&T 2G Shutdown

According to the official news on America Telecom Supplier AT&T website, 2G network will be shut down on December 31, 2016, which means 2G phone or devices using 2G network will not work with AT&T SIM card. (https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/wireless/KM1084805 ) What[...]

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