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All solutions about UniGuard GPS Tracker and Software

Car Parking Sensor CPS6100

Car Parking Sensor CPS6100 features: 1.Extra small size display. 2.LED display, green, yellow and red light indicate the distance from far to near, safety to dangers. 3.LED lights indicate the obstacle location, just like left behind or right behind. 4.Emerald[...]

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Magnetic Car Tracker

The introduction of the magnetic car tracker has extended the way in which people can easily monitor as well as protect their vehicles, assets and family member. Magnetic GPS tracker is the best solution for the vehicle tracking needs, with[...]

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Best dash camera 2016, Dash cam with rear camera , GT3000 Car DVR

Dash camera GT3000 is the lowest cost car DVR in market. On B2C website, its price is as low as 21 USD and 15.95 USD per unit for a lot of 10 pcs. What is the price in the China[...]

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Cigarette Lighter GPS Jammer

There are clients who want GPS tracking for their fleets and assets, vise visa, there are clients who do not want to be tracked. What if there is a GPS tracker installed on the vehicle, how to avoid GPS tracking?[...]

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Smart Speed Governor

Speed governor or speed limiter is a speed regulartion device to restrain vehicle (buses, trucks, vans, tankers, and cars etc.) running speed and enable safety drive at most under preset max speed limit. According to the surveys, it has been[...]

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How to setup GPS Tracker TK06a, TK100 and G05?

TK series GPS tracker has a wide variety of TK100, TK06a, and TK06b, as for GT series, there are GT06, GT06N and GT02. They are supplied by a company located in Shenzhen, China, offering GPS tracker service worldwide at very[...]

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